Factors Driving Use Of Managed Services

January 1, 2021 By: The Administrator

1. Improves efficiency or tech reliability

60 percent of end users describe their managed services engagement as a collaborative arrangement. Co-managed IT puts some IT tasks in the MSP’s hands , while others remain in house.

  • IT staff stretched thin
  • Employee training/experience not up to date
  • Access to the latest technology and tools
  • Greater uptime and profitability

2. Enhanced Security And Compliance

  • Protect profit centers and stakeholders
  • Laptops, desktops, smartphones, applications, tablets, servers, browsers, devices — these can all be a threat vector that must be secured

3. Proactive approach to maintenance

  • Reliable, streamlined operations
  • Robust technology with maximum uptime/minimal frustrations
  • Understand the state of their IT environment and future needs

4. ROI and cost savings

  • Cutting the IT budget
  • Making room for new initiatives
  • Lowering the cost of in-house labor
  • Increasing IT Department efficiency

5. Free your IT staff to work on critical projects

  • Increase the forward-looking potential of in-house IT
  • Focus staff on projects and assignments they are best suited to handle
  • New business priorities/initiatives can be pursued
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