What Is A Managed IT Service?

January 2, 2021 By: The Administrator

These days, nearly every business in the country runs on technology. A single issue with your devices or network can be ruinous, and with time being such a precious resource, you don’t want to waste any of it putting out IT fires. Downtime is simply not an option. This is why the old “break/fix” model of IT support is obsolete. When businesses wait until something goes wrong, they lose money. They lose clients. They can even lose their reputation.

Companies of all shapes and sizes depend more than ever on IT. Transaction data, personnel records, production software, CRMs, ERPs — these things and much more all exist within and depend upon the technology that businesses employ. In most cases, if the technology stops working, the business stops functioning.

This is precisely why the old model of IT support known as “break/fix” is no longer an option. If a business owner waits for something to break, it’s already too late. When systems are only serviced after they fail, productivity and profits are lost. In many ways, this is operational chaos,
putting everyone in a frantic state until the break/fix technician arrives to start working on the problem.

Of course, many business owners try to take on the role of IT management themselves. While the owner might be expected to react more quickly to problems than an offsite break/fix technician, this approach brings its own set of problems. At the top of that list? The business owner wasting time trying to troubleshoot their own problems.

Managed IT services solve these problems at the root of the issue. Rather than being reactive, the managed services model helps prevent IT issues from happening at all. Through remote management tools, managed service providers see into your IT operations 24/7/265, not only when they are on-site. This allows them to spot and address minor issues before they build up to a business-disrupting problem. The name of the game is proactive support, which works to prevent surprise IT calamities that waste time and money.

Partnering with a managed IT provider is like having an on-call IT department that is always watching out for your business.

Business technology evolves in great strides year after year. The more business tech advances, the harder it is for businesses to keep up.

Companies managing their own small networks faced a lack of tools and expertise to help with problems. Networks were once simple systems, usually built and worked on by the owner or a local networking guru. When something went wrong, a technician would come and fix it.

Over time, networking specialists developed procedures to come on-site periodically to sweep the infrastructure for problems. Unfortunately, those service technicians could only see what was happening while on site. They had no way of monitoring continuously or anticipating future problems.

Along with this troubleshooting inefficiency, problems with network stability, continuity, and backups still happened. The only backup testing happened during on-site visits. This could result in days or more of missed backups and catastrophic data loss. Technicians would often spend more time accommodating user requests than of addressing the root causes and important needs of the business.

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