End User Training

Empower your endpoint users to be your first line of defence against cyber attacks.

I.T & Technical Training

Technical cyber security awareness training and sharing of threat intelligence.

Executive Management Training

Cyber security awareness training for the decision makers in organisations.

Professional Cyber Security Awareness Training Services


Fortify your human hardware!

Whilst most organisations allocate vast amounts of time, effort and financial resources to secure their critical I.T infrastructure, the human element (employees) are often overlooked. While having strong and dependable security protection is essential for every organisation, the security systems are dependent on the people that use them., and humans are the most vulnerable element for organisations.

Because the security posture of your organisation is only as strong as your weakest link, cyber security awareness plays a critical part in ensuring your organisation's data is safe.

Benefits of our cyber security awareness training service:

  • Our service helps improve the security posture and cyber resilience of your organisation by addressing human error by empoweing your employees to know how to recognise and respond to cyber threats. Human error is one of the biggest factors most security breaches.
  • Our trainings ensure that your staff is well-trained and positioned to be your organisation's first line of defence, by not falling for social engineering attacks, spotting potential malware behaviour, reporting possible security threats, and adhering to applicable security policies and regulations.
  • The ROI to your organisation is the significantly reduced risk of security lapses due to human judgement errors, which in turn means fewer financial losses due to cyber crime, and a solid reputation with your customers as your organisation will not be constantly in the spotlight with negative publicity after breaches.
  • On-going user training to ensure your employees are up to date with the latest methods of attacks, so your organisation stays on track.

Transform your employees into your first line of defence

With our cyber security awareness training service, your employees gain a solid comprehension of the dangers presented by an ever changing threat landscape, and are empowered to be your organisation's first line of defence by keeping security at the forefront of their minds.

Our practical hands-on cyber security awareness trainings service ensure your employees understand the different types of attacks they may be susceptible to, and how critical business information is kept confidential.

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