Enterprise Forensics

For organisations handling internal investigations to reach conclussions.

Legal Counsel

We can assist legal counsels with every phase of cases involving digital evidence.

Law Enforcement

We assist law enforcement agencies with evidence collection for use in legal cases.

Managed I.T And Cyber Security

As an Information Technology Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), we handle the burden of managing, monitoring and resolving problems for your IT and cyber security issues on your behalf, enabling your organisation to focus on core business processes without hindrance.

We provide superior technology solutions to support part of, or your entire IT function, with expert hands and tools to support your daily I.T and cyber security needs. For organisations with already established I.T departments, our managed IT services can complement them, freeing up your internal IT staff to focus on more strategic projects, thereby increasing efficiency.

Managed Cyber Security

Breaches and cyber-attacks can cost your organisation its reputation, affecting your customers’ loyalty and business performance. It is difficult to both find, implement and maintain the best security solutions and expertise to keep your IT infrastructure secure. As a Managed Security Service Provider, we handle your day-to-day cyber security workload, and respond to any breaches with our knowledge and experience, as well as our diversified cyber security portfolio.

Our partnership with the world’s leading cyber security biggest brands Kaspersky, DigiCert, Sophos and Bitdefender, brings your organisation in-depth tried, tested and proven solutions. We use the best-of-breed technologies to deliver our cyber security services, which means access to the best and latest global cyber security solutions.

Using SIEM (Security Information & Events Management) solutions, we are able to integrate host-based and network-based security event data and log files into one overview, find weak spots in your infrastructure, detect anomalies, view the configuration, installed services and where active threats could come from.

  • Managed Endpoint, server and firewall protection.
  • Security & Incident Management (SIEM).
  • Efficient 24/7/365 remote and on-site monitoring and support.
  • Access and user activity management.
  • Preventative maintenance, updates and patching.
  • End user awareness education and training.

Managed websites

Managing your website can cause headaches; SSL certificates expire, its content needs to be updated continuously, and needs to be constantly monitored. Your professional organisation needs a professionally usable, presentable and accessible website, to positively influence and engage customer decisions based on their visit to your website. We provide managed services for websites, from domain search and registration, to:

  • website design and development.
  • Content updating, SEO and analytics
  • SSL certificate installation, configuration and renewal.
  • Web traffic and security monitoring.

Managed endpoint & server protection

Our comprehensive managed server and endpoint solutions ensure that your data and devices are secure 24/7, defending against the latest sophisticated malware. We offer the most innovative endpoint protection solutions that proactively secure against malicious activity and identify vulnerable endpoints.

Our complete managed Monitored Server Protection solution conveys server-based firewall, intrusion detection, and anti-malware protection coupled with 24×7 monitoring.

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